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STAR Vision: Invest in Our Children

Donations in support of LoveLight's programs can be made in several ways. One is through the LoveLight, Inc. Gift Card Fundraiser Program whereby you purchase gift cards through LoveLight. You receive the full value of a card when you use it to make a purchase and LoveLight receives a small percentage of the value of the card. You can order both physical gift cards and e-cards for the retailers listed on the order form.

You can also join our STAR Vision: Invest in Our Children grassroots campaign to purchase and refurbish a building and develop a model child development and learning center, teen empowerment & entrepreneurial project, Golden Treasures inter-generational program, and more. We are asking that you share this information with friends, family, colleagues, and others who would like to make a positive difference in the world. In order to purchase and furnish a building, our goal is to raise $800,000; however, the immediate need is to raise a lesser amount. Therefore, we recently initiated “100 Special Friends”, asking individuals and groups to each donate or raise $1,000 and the “2500 Person Challenge” to encourage 2,500 people to each donate $100.

Visit our Facebook page, and be part of this exciting project by donating to our Invest in Our Children campaign by sending a check to LoveLight,Inc., P.O. Box123, Kent, Ohio 44240. Make a donation using PayPal and encourage friends to contribute by adding a PayPal button to your Facebook page.

Please note: When donating via PayPal, there is a $.30 per transaction fee and a small percentage of the total amount donated is collected by PayPal.

Tax-deductible donations also may be made to LoveLight, Inc. at: 

P.O. Box 123
Kent, OH 44240